Ksenya Azina

Plastic surgeon, sparrows and a goat - top of the most unexpected Tittygram followers.

Having seen a cool tittygram, everyone must have asked themselves: who ordered this? We decided to have a closer look at our Instagram followers to create an image of our clients.

The result made us say “wow”: there are pets among our followers! (Now see that everyone likes titties). For example, a dog called Gerard Galileevich is one who follows our news. He knew it beforehand and took precautions, writing “You won’t believe it, but I’m a dog!” We believed.

Dog Gerard

The dog is the man’s best friend, and the best friend always knows where to find pretty girls.

The next one who holds pride of place among the most unexpected subscribers is a plastic surgeon Gevorg Eigazaryan - it’s natural for him to poke his nose everywhere, because that’s exactly his profile. You won’t find any cats, selfies or food in his account page - it’s full with noses of all kinds. Anyway, our models don’t need any surgery, that’s why he can just relax and enjoy tittygrams even with his professional view.

plastic surgeon Gevorg Eigazaryan

Tittygram’s profile is a resort for any plastic surgeon.

It’s not a secret that tittygrams help to promote any business of our clients. This must be the reason for the company with a peculiar name “Nasha_koza” (eng. “Our goat”) to subscribe for us. Their headline says directly: “Promotion of animals for the people’s needs”. Also, they offer to have a walk with any of them. So, if all the friends are on vacation, you can have a promenade with a beautiful goat.


Sometimes animals’ accounts are of a better quality than those of Homo sapiens. For example, our subscriber Lena insists that we have a better look at her, posting absolutely identical pictures. However, it works: we noticed, that Lena has a good chance to become a tittygram model!


The next account’s headline starts with very tricky words: “hey, we found the chicks”. What did you think of, you dirty mind? This is about the little creatures saved from a burning house. But we are not upset at all - it’s a happy end, anyway.

Hey, we found the chicks

All this is just a small part of our amazing followers, whom we love very much and want to make smile every day. Become our subscriber and maybe next time we will write about you!

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